Sunday, January 08, 2012


Everyone knows how hard it can be to stay in touch with loved ones around the world, me included (Oh [family in] Canada, how I miss you). And as chance would have it, I’ve been contacted by Nymgo. What is Nymgo you say?

“Nymgo is the newest, most affordable, online calling service able to offer the lowest international rates to both landlines and mobiles.”

Although not strictly medical, I thought it would be pretty cool to share the word as I see a win-win situation here: Nymgo is giving away promo codes to allow the readers of Blogs of Medical Students to try out Nymgo and to connect with friends and loved ones around the world for free.

Also, over the next few months Nymgo will be making major changes so expect big things in 2012, including some amazing giveaways. If you have specific suggestions, the people over at Nymgo would love to hear them. Nymgo is also looking for freelance writers to write for their digital magazine, The Social Expat.

So with that, I hope 2012 turns out great for everyone!