Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Medical Journey

Stagnation Damnation!

My Medical Journey is a blog by LoverockMD, a.k.a. someone who loves rock music and a medical degree student. LoverockMD just started up his English blog but went straight for the throat and put in some medical posts describing Fibrous Dysplasia and a Hangman's Fracture among others. LoverockMD writes about medical conditions in a way that skims enough of the top to get the reader interested and doesn't dive too far deep so that the reader drowns. It's a nice mix of interesting and informative without overkill. In certain posts LoverockMD also puts in his one view or thoughts which give the posts a more personal feel to them.

Hopefully by including the blog 'My Medical Journey,' LoverockMD will feel inspired to continue putting out fine posts!

And remember: Be healthy and get rich!