Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A(n)nals of an Idle Mind

Never make promises because if you fail to keep them, they'll haunt the back of your mind until you fulfill them! lol

A(n)nals of an Idle Mind is a blog by Arps who lives in Jodhpur, India (Yes, I linked that to Google Maps. My geography of India is so poor...anyways, I apologize for that ;) ). Arps is finishing up the final year of medical school and has dedicated A(n)nals of an Idle Mind to some laid back easy writing that spans from personal life to medical tidbits such as tips for gynecology (for students) and random bits of information on things such as the APGAR score (Teachers could make it so much more interesting if they actually explained a little bit about the background of these things, good thing we have medical students!). And of course, the traditional post of quoting quotes which helps to find cool quotes in this crazy medical world of quotes. If I could add a few more Q's to that I could make a tongue twister!

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In between it all

So having to somehow muster up the time to prepare for a wedding, study medicine, prepare presentations, and write articles for my newspaper, I have neglected something. I promise that within a week or so I'll start putting some posts up and the summer will be filled with the lives of Medicine Men (and Women!)