Monday, April 30, 2007

Monash Medical Student

Monash Medical Student is a blog by Jeffrey, located in, you guessed it, Monash...Australia. Jeffrey used to be a tank platoon commander in an active Armour Battalion with the Singapore Armed Forces. Life could have been very different for him :) He's in a 5-year Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) course.

Monash Medical Student wrote a quick post about being inspired where he mentions a few small, but key points to life in general which I think people sometimes forget. Jeffrey also shares his opinions on HIV, Sex, et al and shows some interesting pictures to go with them. I at least had a laugh.

Lastely, it's not all about hardcore medicine and philosophy, find out the Science behind Music and Running.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Med Studentz

I'm such a bad Medical Student/Webmaster. I haven't been updating a long time. My apologies for that. But the links on the right have grown a tiny bit :) I've received some contributions and I though I might give an update or two.

Med Studentz Medical Forum is just that, a Forum where you can register. The very steep price of FREE may be of interest to the general Med Student and Professional population out there.

You can join hundreds of other medical students from all over the world and discuss everything related to foreign medical school, studying for the USMLE, and the medical profession in general.

I encourage people to join and help this community grow. You might just get something out of it!