Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Underwear Drawer

The Underwear Drawer is a blog by Michelle who seems to have an infatuation with...ummm...underwear ;) (but I'll let you find out the real reason, it's on the blog, just gotta look for it)

Michelle is currently in first year of residency training in Anesthesiology after switching from two years of Pediatrics. Don't look at this the wrong way, she still loves kids.

An interesting thing is Michelle's comic, Scut Monkey. Med Students and residents have barely enough time to eat, much less to keep an up-to-date blog. But this one has out-done most, a comic stip for crying out loud! Awesome.

Michelle is quite normal inspite of all the above. Currently she's picking a Christmas Tree and "Mommy Blogging" lately which re-affirms my belief that there is hope for a normal life after med skule :)


A while ago I posted Traumaroom up but never really gave it a review. So I'm going back and fixing old mistakes as it does deserve an introduction here.

Traumaroom is "a rookie doc's rants and raves" by Samip Dattani, a doctor is who a surgical intern. It has quite the repertoir of interesting tidbits, such as a very simple way to decide on specialization and a post on Friends and Foes. However, the blog isn't only about fun, games, and laughs, there are posts that draw attention to issues revolving around medicine such as You Think Med School is Tough, Eh! and concerns about Dynamic Medicine.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Rejected

Have you ever kissed someone with bad breath or felt like puking after speaking to someone with bad breath? Have you ever had a buddy complain about his date which had bad breath? Do you know what Halitosis is? Fear not, The Rejected has just the post for you! Read all about it in Hygiene Issues :) (I love it when medicine and day-to-day matters are combined!)

The Rejected has a plethora (I can't remember if I used that word yet in one of my blog descriptions) of funny and intriguing posts by a 23 yr old guy from Australia. He will be starting residency in surgery in 2008 but in the mean time is exploring his writing skillz.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

McMumbi McBlog

McMumbi McBlog is written by Rob, the President of his 2008 graduating class. Rob in currently in third year studying in the States although he has ties to Zambia, (how cool is that? :) ). Rob tells us of is first days in Capetown and the journey there. Rob also describes how the Casualty room looks and the medical situation in general.

In the end he hopes to do Infectious Diseases work in Zambia, a truly noble goal. Inspite of all the suffering and poverty Rob has passion and inspiration to reach out to these people, not being swayed by the problems but driven by the solution. A worthwhile blog to check out.

In case of problems, Rob has a mirror site at Blogspot,

Saturday, November 04, 2006


A man-o'-war is an armed naval vessel. Student-o-Medicine is ever so appropriately named, an armed medical student. Armed with what you may ask? With great little tidbits of information, such as Why Watching Family Guy is beneficial to Med Students. (I knew it, I just knew it! Now I have proof!).

A good post to read for the non-med students is the Medical School is Hard post. Contrary to popular belief, it is .... Oh I'll just let you find out by yourself ;)

On a side note, it snowed here in Białystok, Poland. It's 10:30 am.