Friday, September 29, 2006

Nurse to Doctor

I love Gray's Anatomy, especially the episode when the Doctors think they're better than the Nurses but then the Nurses go on strike and then the s**t hits the fan for the Doctors and they realized they're not so big after all...anyway, I'm rambling.

I think Nurse to Doctor is a pretty cool addition in my 2 - 0 streak of "changing profession blogs." Anna Gregory's words say everything that you would need to know to get hooked on this blog:

I am presently a specialist nurse practitioner in Occupational health. After ten years of nursing, I am off to do medicine on a Graduate entry programme (GEP) I am going to use this blog to describe my experiences of changing career at the grand old age of 32!

Posts of note that I really enjoyed on this blog:
Doing Medicine as an Oldie
We Used to have a Doctor, but now the nurse IS the Doctor

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Beach Anatomy

In between hard-wood flooring, roofing, dry walling, and 'demolition hammering', I've found a minute to put up another blog that deserves some attention...

Beach Anatomy is both "Delicious and Nutritious." ;) It is (about) the life of Patrick who not too long ago started Med School. Patrick is going through a career change from emergency nursing technician to physician. Patrick is really liking his experience so far, especially learning about facial nerves and the such (I don't remember my facial nerve diagrams being so...complicated). Lately I've been really interested in people's beginnings in medicine and this is a fine example of someone who's not gone through the usual highschool --> University --> Med School route.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Try Not To Kill Yourself This Year

When I was deciding where I would do my summer hospital practice my then girlfriend, now fiancée, suggested I do it at an adult hospital. Not in the children's one. She explained that since I will be a "newbie" at everything I will do and most things will probably cause discomfort for the patient while I learn to do them, I should practice on adults as it will be easier for me. She said I wouldn't have to watch as how children cry and squirm in pain as I insert an IV drip, such as Garbage had to do. She also suggested that my first views of hospital practice shouldn't be filled with sick, innocent children.

Garbage's blog, Try Not To Kill Yourself This Year, is a blog that makes you think and realize that a medical professional not only has the feeling of joy when he or she heals, but must also take a share in the sadness of when all that is left is hope and prayer.