Monday, August 28, 2006

Running with Scissors

First off, as I just entered in three different blogs, be sure to check the last three posts for some quality reading. And now on to the blogs:

Miette, a Medical Students has a blog over at Running with Scissors where she writes about pretty much everything as well as Med School. She has this super long post which is a delightful read and truly shows that med students are normal creatures.

This blog is a nice relaxing and interesting read where it's not all hard core philosophy or school stuff. There even pictures of nice places. Join Miette as she posts about Rx Wars and (Manic) Depression.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rookie Surgeon in the City

Rookie Surgeon in the City is a blog by a, well, rookie surgeon. Have you ever wondered what the first days of being a surgeon are like? Everyone knows how it is: Med school students work their butts off to finish med school and the seasoned vets/doctors make oodles of money. But what about that new doctor? What happens after med school? Is it all porsche cars, fine cigars, and women (not necessarily in that order)?

Check it out, especially the malpractice insurance post.

That Med School Guy

Jason is That Medical School Guy. Based in Toronto. Jason survived, (yes, survived) his first day of medical school orientation and has even made it to around days 5 and 6. Jason writes with awesome quality and fervour (notive the 'ou' spelling version) and mixes it up with long and short posts.

This is what I once dreamed of, Medical School in Toronto. Although I took the European path, U of T will always have a special place in my heart. Hopefully Jason continues his newfound blog (and career path) so that we can see how it is in Toronto through the eyes of a Medical Student.