Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Prescriptions from the Bad Doctor

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy/Belated Christmas (and early one for the Ukrainian Xmas people out there [and others])

Prescriptions from the Bad Doctor is run by The Bad Doctor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now, Bad Doctor may have a cool picture, but unfortunately ladies, he's married...but don't dispair, the blog is still well worth it. Bad Doctor writes posts about Ethics Classes, poem included, as well as personal experiences about Dayquil et al.

One post really caught my attention and I cannot describe it as I have yet to experience it, but maybe the following may help convey my thoughts on the post. An Unwilling Consult:

To him, at that one moment, I was an insider source on the secrets of human life and death, and my juvenile opinion held the weight of the world. I can say with all honesty that I did not relish that position, and do not look forward to facing it again in the future.


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