Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Underwear Drawer

The Underwear Drawer is a blog by Michelle who seems to have an infatuation with...ummm...underwear ;) (but I'll let you find out the real reason, it's on the blog, just gotta look for it)

Michelle is currently in first year of residency training in Anesthesiology after switching from two years of Pediatrics. Don't look at this the wrong way, she still loves kids.

An interesting thing is Michelle's comic, Scut Monkey. Med Students and residents have barely enough time to eat, much less to keep an up-to-date blog. But this one has out-done most, a comic stip for crying out loud! Awesome.

Michelle is quite normal inspite of all the above. Currently she's picking a Christmas Tree and "Mommy Blogging" lately which re-affirms my belief that there is hope for a normal life after med skule :)


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